How to Choose the Best Laptop for Djing

Freelance work can be some of the best work you do. Usually, a freelance job can be something that you have a passion for or just turned from a hobby to a money-making venture. However, sometimes you can just be committed to a hobby or passion because you love to do it. Regardless of your reasons, one of the most popular passions is DJing.

DJing, or disc jockeying is the music technique of splicing songs, samples, and sounds into new unique mixes that combine multiple songs and tempos into a fresh spin on an old sound. DJing is popular because nearly everyone loves music, but not everyone knows how to manipulate it to sound good. That is why DJ’s are so popular for bars, clubs, parties, and weddings. Improving on playing a playlist from a speaker is having live, vibrant music to keep the fun going.

While there is an extensive amount of equipment you may need, one of the most important pieces is your laptop, which will hold all of your data, songs, mixes, and projects. How do you choose the best laptop for DJing? Let us take a look:

1. Hardware Specifications

The hardware of a good DJing laptop should be, at a minimum, a dual-core processor with 2GB of RAM, and have a decent-sized hard drive (500GB or more). These are the minimum specs but you can increase the power of your laptop if you feel you may need more. Find a laptop with 1TB or more of hard drive space if you know you need it, and more memory to handle the stress of music production suites.

2. Laptop Build

One of the often forgotten features to consider when choosing the best DJing laptop is the build or quality of it. Some laptops can be bulky but poorly made, while others are small and durable. The amount of options for laptop builds is insane now, the choices at can show you how your DJing lifestyle should be reflected in what kind of laptop you need. If you are traveling a lot for your gigs, you may want a smaller thin laptop like a Macbook or Chromebook, while a long DJ gig that does not require much lugging around can benefit from a gaming laptop. Think about what kind of lifestyle needs you have for DJing, and how your laptop can compliment them.

Djing Laptops

3. Screen Size

The reason this does not fall under hardware specifications is that it is very overlooked. Having a small screen size can really hinder your performance on stage if you have to squint to see your dials and controls, or see the song time signatures. Some of you may want a small laptop that is affordable and portable and does not mind a screen on the smaller side, while some of you need a big display to keep your eye on the crowd and music. If you do want a larger screen, try to find something upwards of 15 inches, ideally around 17 for maximum screen size without compromising space on your table and carrying capacity.

4. Battery Life

The life of your battery can be the make or break of a good DJing set. You can get caught up in the action and fun of mixing tracks that you forget how much power you are draining from the laptop. Music production software and DJing software can use a massive amount of battery power, and you do not want to be stuck up there waiting for your laptop to turn back on. You can buy an extension for your laptop charger, but you want to keep your DJing space clear of any cords. Chromebooks can offer an 8+ hour battery life, but even bigger, faster laptops offer a battery life of 6+ hours too.

5. Number of Ports

USB, HDMI, and A/V ports are your best friends on a laptop. You are going to be using these whenever you do your DJing, so try to find a laptop that has as many as possible. Plugging in a MIDI controller, amps, mics, or any other equipment is going to be a pain in the butt if you do not have enough plug-ins so factor that into buying your next laptop for DJing. This is one case where the more the merrier is a statement that could not be truer. DJing is a fun passion or hobby that can be turned into a side hustle, but even if you do not DJ as a way to make some cash, you need to have the right equipment to help you out. Nothing would be more embarrassing than agreeing to DJ at a friend’s party and showing up unprepared.

That is why you should do your research on what laptop to use for your DJing as it is the main hub for all of your music and equipment. These tips should help you find the right laptop and what to put preference on.

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