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Announcing the 2018 Best Laptop Ninja Annual Scholarship Winner

The Best Laptop Ninja is pleased to announce the winner of the 2018 Best Laptop Ninja Annual scholarship program, who will receive a $1,000 laptop scholarship.

We received more than 500 applications for the 2018 scholarship, and the quality of the submissions was outstanding.

There were tons of thoughtful ideas and unique responses, and the selection was by no means easy.

After reading numerous essays, our scholarship winner selection team decided to not only give the $1000 scholarship award, but we are also giving an additional $300 award to another deserving student.

We realize that $300 will hardly make a dent in the high cost of today’s college tuition and expenses, but if we can even help buy one laptop for a hard-working student, then it makes us happy.

So, here are this year’s WINNERS of the Best Laptop Ninja Annual Scholarship:

Drumroll, please…

This year’s $1000 winner is Jonathan Ramirez

Great job and well done, Jonathan!

The other runner-up who will be receiving $300 scholarship prize is:

Pooja Wamankar

CONGRATULATIONS to both of you! Be sure to check your e-mail boxes for an official winning letter and follow-up instructions.

Now before you close this blog post in disappointment, unless your name was mentioned above, please keep reading to find out what made these applicants stand out in our eyes. We made detailed notes as we went through each and every application that was mailed to us, so use this is a learning experience to strengthen your applications for other scholarships you plan on applying for. 

This is what the Best Laptop Ninja Annual Scholarship winners did RIGHT:

  • The essays were memorable and something in each one of them sincerely touched our heart.
  • The essays were NOT boring and began with a hook.
  • The applications were clean, organized, and clear to read.
  • The requested materials were all included and nothing was missing.
  • The applications were presented beautifully.

This is what we came across as we were reading all of the other applications.

Basically, this is a what NOT TO DO on a scholarship application:

  • Do not handwrite the essay, find a way to type into MS word and then send.
  • Paragraph breaks really help the reader digest the essay, do not submit an essay that is ONE long hard to read a paragraph.
  • Don’t forget or omit ANY of the required materials.
  • Please do not use slang such as “gonna” in your essay.
  • Proofreading is extremely important. When we see a typo in the very first sentence, it is really hard to get past it. (TIP: Use Grammarly, it’s FREE!)
  • Don’t assume your application is complete and then submit it. Check and double check, then get two pairs of trusted eyes to also check for typos and missing information.
  • Sending extra materials is usually fine unless a specific number of documents has been requested. In this case, ONE ID proof for verification was required, not two, three, or four.

We have other notes, but hopefully, you get the picture. We will be totally honest and tell you that the essay was the most important part of the Best Laptop Ninja Scholarship application.

The Scholarship Committee would like to thank all of the applicants for taking the time to apply for this year’s scholarship program. We wish all of the applicants much success with their college efforts.

Note:  We run our scholarship program every year so those students who could not take part in this scholarship program 2018 due to some reasons, they can participate again in our next scholarship program. So, you just need to stay updated on our website and our social media channels.